The Interdisciplinary Fellowship Program








Interdisciplinary Learning Fellowship (ILF) is a year long program designed to develop teaching practices by reimagining how students can engage with content and the world through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction. Through an application process, Be the Change Collaborative will invite at least ten teachers to participate in that year’s cohort.


Program Components

Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning
Teachers will engage in on-going professional development in
the area of interdisciplinary learning and unit design. Through
professional readings, video work, and site visits teachers will
develop a deep and clear understanding of what elements are
needed in a strong, effective interdisciplinary unit using the
backwards design unit planning process (Wiggins & McTighe,

Coaching & Support
Teachers will receive on site coaching as they implement their
units in their classroom throughout the school year. The
intentional and individualized coaching will allow teachers to
improve their personal practice with regards to the
implementation of their original units as well as their general
instructional practice. Coaching will involve observations and
feedback and student work analysis to inform instruction in
real time. 

Professional Learning Community
ILF will bring together a cohort of committed teachers from
different Chicago schools and backgrounds to collaborate for a
year. For example, teachers will peer review units and view
video of unit lessons in order to provide feedback. The cohort
provides a platform for teachers who are invested in improving
student learning through innovative and creative practices to
partner with one another in dialogue and practice. Their
participation in the fellowship will increase their network of
educators and provide access to a database of interdisciplinary
units of various topics and for various grade levels.

ILF Participants will...
  • Engage in a week-long summer intensive training
  • Create fully developed interdisciplinary units

    aligned to Common Core State Standards

  • Receive coaching throughout the school year on

    implementation of units

  • Meet monthly with a dedicated and supportive

    cohort of teachers

  • Receive a stipend of $2000 for your time and


We are not currently accepting applications for

the 2016-2017 school year.

Check back for new application due dates!