Mission & Vision


Vision: We envision a collaborative of teachers and students who inspire and empower each other through an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning in order to effect change in education and their communities.

Mission: Through quality professional development, collaborative curriculum unit design, and on site coaching, Be the Change Collaborative is a community of teachers who create and implement interdisciplinary units that prepare students to be curious learners, critical thinkers, and active citizens of the world.

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning: For BCC, interdisciplinary teaching and learning means teachers and students are…

  •  studying real world issues;
  •  gaining a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of these issues by
  •  examining each issue through the lens of several different disciplines, including the humanities, sciences, mathematics, and arts.
  •  becoming aware of the distinct content and process tools of each discipline and being able to choose and apply relevant tools when investigating issues
  •  engaging in critical thought and discussion with peers about the issues to further contribute to a robust educational experience and students’ lifelong learning.